How To Add Nomination And Update Your Contact Details with EPFO?

In the last two articles, we saw how to get your UAN details and how to use your UAN number to get your PF and EPS balance. But what if you want to add a nomination to your PF account? Or, update your mobile number?

Unlike our parents who had to visit the PF office and fill out various forms to do that, we can make such changes online within a matter of a few minutes. Let’s see how to do that.

Add Nomination Details To Your PF Account

You can easily add/delete/edit details of nominees in your PF account. But in order to do that you need to first have your photo added to your UAN profile!

Here are the steps to do that.

Step 1: Login to UAN Portal

Step 2: Go to the View section and click on Profile

Step 3: Add your passport-size photo in the designated section

Step 4: Now go to the Manage section and click on E-Nomination

Step 5: Click on View to see the existing nomination and if you want to edit that or add new nominees, click on Edit

Step 6: You will have to provide Family details in the next section. Once you have added that you will see the option to add one or all of them as nominees along with the percentage for each.

Step 7: After you have selected the nominees your request will be in the Pending state. You will be required to e-sign to confirm the changes – just click on the link called e-sign which will use your Aadhar and OTP to e-sign. As soon as you do that, your nominees will be added to your EPFO account.

Update Contact Details with EPFO

There could be cases where your phone number is not updated with EPFO, which is a must if you want to get your PF balance through SMS or Missed Call. Using the following steps you can make necessary changes.

Step 1: Login to UAN Portal

Step 2: Go to the Manage section and click on Contact Details.

Step 3: Tick mark the box next to ‘Change Mobile Number‘ and provide the new mobile number. The number must be linked to your Aadhar.

epfo contact details

Step 4: An OTP will be sent to the new mobile number which you need to provide in the next screen. Once that is confirmed you will be asked for another Aadhar-based OTP. Post that your mobile number will be updated.

You can use the same steps to update your email id as well.

Once you update your phone number you will start getting a notification message from EPFO every time your employer makes a deposit in your PF account.

Leave a comment if you face any issues with any of the steps mentioned above.

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